Our motto:
When we started out, we were only a handful of volunteers who were extremely unhappy with the area near the edge of the woods for being used as a dump yard for e-waste that was generated by the offices right across the road. How it has catapulted into a movement and now that more and more people are involved, it gives us a sense of security that tomorrow, even if the founder members have to leave, the organization will keep the good work going.

Knowing the law is very important:
Before we got started, we made it a point to read up comprehensively on the laws of disposal of waste in general and e-waste in particular. There is something empowering when you are abreast with the knowledge that what you are doing is something that is part of your duty and that you have a right to demand that you live in a cleaner and greener place.

The threat from the dumping of e-waste is real:
Even though the dumping of computer components and other wireless devices like the tablet PCs and mobile phones look harmless at first, the threat is big. The reality is that these components carry such harmful and toxic chemicals that can leach into the soil and consequently into the groundwater table. The heavily toxic chemicals like mercury and cadmium can cause terrible malignancies and even can alter the genetic make-up causing hell to break loose on the face of the earth.

Incinerating is not a safe option either:
The next option was to burn the waste but that is also not a safe option as the minerals in the components can give out obnoxious smoke resulting in terrible respiratory diseases.

The only safer option:
The option at hand was to reduce the consumption to the bare minimum and once used the materials had to recycled so that the generation of e-waste as kept to the minimum.

Contact us:

If you have any e-waste generated in your organization, you are free to contact us. We will come and collect your waste and offer to segregate it at the source itself. Hoping to hear from you soon!

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